About The Antics


Who are The Antics?

The Antics have performed in Cache Valley for over a decade. We started off as an offshoot from the USU Improv Troupe and eventually grew to become our own professional improv team. We perform weekly, bringing FAMILY FRIENDLY comedy to Northern Utah. Our shows are heavily influenced by suggestions from our wonderful audiences and everything you see onstage is made-up on the spot! Even though what we do is entirely made-up in the moment, it takes a lot of talent and practice. Learn more about the incredible individuals on our team below!

The Antics Cast

Karl "Fearless Leader" Calderwood

Karl was born in the mud under the sign of Aries in Logan, Utah. When he’s not doing improv he’s working on other projects like gardening, voice lessons & pumping iron at the gym. Karl’s favorite game to MC is “Japarody” for the chance to use his “announcer voice” and his favorite game to play is forward/reverse because he gets to fail spectacularly.

Andrew Davis

Andrew moved to Logan from Connecticut in 2011 to study at Utah State University. He moved to Provo in 2014 and honed his improv craft with What’s So Funny? Improv at UVU. He came back to Logan in 2017, got married in 2021, and the rest is history. When Andrew is not doing improv he’s practicing different genres of piano, hanging out with his amazing wife Darci, or working on developing his website hosting business. Andrew loves character games like “Jeoparody”, and “Bad Advice”. He loves making distinct characters to shock and amuse the audience.

Darci Davis

Darci was born and raised in Smithfield, UT, just 15 min north of Logan. She attended USU and received her BS in Human Development Family Studies and her MEd in School Counseling. She married the love of her life, Andrew in 2021. Shortly after, she started attending practices and then performing with the Antics. When she is not doing improv, she can be found teaching/working with students, hiking/exploring outside, playing music, or hanging out with family and friends.

Alec Finley

Alec moved to Nibley, UT back in 2009 and grew up there until leaving to study at Snow College. After a year, Alec abandoned his dream to be a teacher and returned to Cache Valley to study computer science at Bridgerland Technical College. Alec and McKenna have been happily married for a year. He’s always improvising his way through life but can be found playing Lego Batman, reading comics, or being with friends and family in the great outdoors of Utah when he’s not doing improv. He loves “Radio”, because everyone plays/works together to make ridiculous noises and phrases!

McKenna Finley

McKenna moved to Logan from Anderson, California her sophomore year of high school and has been stuck here ever since. When she’s not doing improv you will probably find her watching some TV, reading a book, or thinking about (but never writing down) lesson plans she’d love to teach. McKenna loves “Musical Chairs” because of her SUPER competitive side and the songs that players come up with.

Brittany Florschutz

Brittany lived all over the Pacific Ocean (Alaska, Hawaii, Japan…etc) before before falling in love and marrying a fellow Alaskan studying at USU.  She spends her free time doting over her big-eared dog Leo, hiking, and thinking about fried food. Now she thinks a little more about the baby boy in her belly. The more improv she does the less she knows which game or type to call her favorite.

Amber Larsen

Amber came to Logan to attend Utah State where she met her husband, Trevor! When not doing improv, she loves painting, baking, playing Dungeons and Dragons, and spending time with her son. Her very favorite improv games are “Change” and “Pieces of Paper”!

Trevor Larsen

Trevor was born and raised in Logan. He met his wife at Utah State and they love being in the Antics together. When not doing improv he is usually thinking about improv! Trevor can also be found working in the yard or playing with his son. He loves games like “Mumbling Murder Mystery” where players can only talk in gibberish.

Treyson Lyon

Treyson originally came to Logan after he graduated from Southern Utah University. Then, he married his wife, Emma, and joined her up North. When he isn’t improvising, Treyson works as an Assistant (not “to the”) Branch Manager at a credit union, reads voraciously, and consumes tacos avidly. He is a BIG fan of musical improv, and believes that long-form improv (though, often under-appreciated) also deserves its turn in the limelight.

Paul Roylance

Paul came to Logan for the sole privilege of doing improv with The Antics. When he’s not doing improv with The Antics… he’s doing more improv! Paul likes games that cause a scene , like Mumbling Murder Mystery.